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How Much Do You Really Know About Money?

How comfortable do you feel...

Managing your debt?

  Thinking about your retirement, or your child’s college tuition?

   The amount of money you are making?

How confident are you with...

Changing your financial behaviors?

  Investing your hard-earned money?

  Your stewardship and the legacy you will pass on to your children and grandchildren?

Chances are, the answer is “not very comfortable” or “not very confident.”

Everyone wants to be financially free, but most people simply do not know how to get there.

They listen to their friends’ advice, or they might read some articles or listen to some podcasts, but the majority of people have very low financial confidence. 

They know they want to get ahead, but they cannot identify what obstacles are holding them back.

But with the right financial education…

You Can Transform Money Obstacles into Wealth Opportunities

Whatever financial situation you are in right now, whether you’ve filed for bankruptcy, cannot maintain your lifestyle, or just want to maximize your wealth, there is a God-given pathway to financial freedom.

You can increase your income, and afford the lifestyle you desire.

You can pay off your debt, and feel the freedom of lessened financial burdens.

You can confidently cut expenses, and set aside more for saving.

You can invest knowledgeably, and watch your wealth steadily grow over time.

And you can set up a financial plan that allows you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, contribute to your church and your community, and establish a legacy that will support future generations.

And there is one way to do that in a biblical and God-honoring way:

Learn From America’s #1 Christian Success Strategist

The Wealth Track is guided by biblical principles, allowing you to develop a financial plan and experience transformation that aligns with your faith and your values.

It is created and led by venture capitalist, author, and teacher De’Andre Salter, whose core mission is to inspire and equip people to transform obstacles into opportunities.

At 21 years old, he had filed for bankruptcy. His credit cards and student loan payments were piling up. He was living beyond his means, trying to impress others with a lifestyle he couldn't afford. It felt like every move took him farther away from achieving his financial goals...

Until one day after a heartfelt prayer and change of heart, everything changed.

With a determination stronger than any obstacle, he turned his finances around. In fact, at only 33 years old he reached millionaire status!

Wishing he had support that would have helped him avoid financial disaster, he made it his mission to guide others to financial freedom on their God-given pathway and help them transform their obstacles into opportunities!

But all of this requires you to…

Unlock Your God-Given Power to Pivot

Turning your obstacles into opportunities is impossible without your faith!

Many Christians avoid money, because they believe it is bad or undeserved…and almost everyone is scared of making mistakes with their money.

But financial wellness, a fulfilling life, and the ability to contribute to others is part of God’s plan for you.

Your community, your family, and your church need you to take charge of your finances and get on The Wealth Track!

It will give you a complete understanding of how to take control of your financial behaviors, walk in a new mindset, cut costs, get out of debt, increase your earning potential, invest, and create a lasting financial legacy for your loved ones.

You will go from needing a blessing to being a blessing!

Take a look inside the course:

Breaking Free - Cultivating A Wealth Mindset

After going over the biblical basis of money, we’ll identify your money scripts–what’s holding you back–so that you can embrace a transformative new script that will help you break free.

First Things First - Cutting Expenses

Discover the flaws of traditional budgeting that you’re probably unaware of, and unlock effective new strategies to easily conquer any overspending and master your finances.

Getting Out of Debt - Strategies for a Stress-Free Financial Life

You will examine all your debts, identify their root causes, and develop an effective and simple strategy to pay them off effortlessly, leaving behind fear, discouragement and feeling overwhelmed.

Income Generation - Creating or Increasing Multiple Income Streams

Now we are getting to the fun part! Here I will show you how to maximize your income, generate multiple streams of income, and I will lay out a future path toward better opportunities.

Investing in the Stock Market - Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Returns

Master the stock market with comprehensive, battle-tested guidance: minimize risks, distinguish good from bad investments, and confidently create your own successful strategies.

Investing in Real Estate - Building Your Portfolio

Owning property is a key driving force for Kingdom-minded wealth builders! Equip yourself with essential tools to venture into real estate investing or take your current portfolio to the next level.

Investing in Businesses  - Entrepreneurship Unlocked

Let’s get into the ultimate path to true wealth: entrepreneurship! Gain valuable insights on generating business ideas, securing funding, and get a kickstart with my "30 Minute Business Plan.”

Generational Wealth - Building a Lasting Legacy

Now you’re a wealth-generating machine! It’s time to create a legacy plan. I’ll lay out each step to make it a reality: life insurance, assessing net worth, and crafting essential legal documents.


Gain Access to an Exclusive Circle of Wealth-Generating Machines

By investing in The Wealth Track, you can gain access to an exclusive circle of Kingdom-minded wealth builders.


Join a supportive network that inspires and motivates you, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and financial goals.


Discover additional ways to slash expenses, get out of debt, boost your income, and make wise investments while growing your faith and building a great legacy.


Find a safe space to share triumphs, setbacks, and concerns, receiving empathy, encouragement, and guidance from those who are on the same path.

What Our Clients Say

“I was able to save thousands using the expense cutting worksheet. It feels better to live with a little more margin thanks to the Wealth Track.”

~ May Jenkins (Claims Aduster, Troy, New York)

“What I love about the wealth track is that it built my confidence. Now when I go to buy or negotiate anything I feel like I'm equipped to make a better deal and save money.”

~ Maurice Roberts (MUSICIAN, CHICAGO, IL)

“The wealth track provides biblically sound financial wisdom. What makes it different are the modules on investing in real estate, stocks and a business. Most courses focus on budget while this focuses on building.”


“I listened to De’Andre Salter and then wrote out a plan. It got off track many times along the way, but I chose to stay the course. Fast forward from hearing Bishop Salter April 20202 and applying some of that ‘faith that comes by doing’ I saw tangible results by December 2021!!!!!”

~ Sybil (Birmingham, AL)

“As one who has always been fascinated with opportunities for financial growth, in recent history I found it challenging to scale existing revenue streams while remaining primarily focused on pastoral ministry. Deandre Salter’s wealth building insights and strategies not only helped to reframe my thinking about the possibilities but aided in maximizing returns and minimizing inefficient and misaligned activity. He is a true gift to our generation and his contribution will impact generations to come.”

~ Waney Chaney, Jr. (Senior Pastor – Antioch Church of Long Beach)

Meet De’Andre Salter

As America’s #1 Christian Success Strategist, I have made it my mission to give guidance, resources, and inspiration to others who need help with their finances.

I want to be that person who helps you work toward your financial and lifestyle goals. I am a living example that there is hope – and it is my calling to help you work toward greater financial wellness, so you can live the life you desire and gain the sense of security you deserve.


Learn more about De'Andre Salter

Wealth Track Course

Find Your Pathway To Success

Each Course comes with a Certificate of Completion, Lifetime Access to the Complete Wealth Track Program including Digital Downloads, Worksheets, Forms, and Exercises. Take the first lesson for free.


Grow Your Personal Finances
  • 8 Modules of Course Content (includes 52 total video lessons)
    • Breaking Free
    • Cutting Expenses
    • Getting Out of Debt
    • Income Generation
    • Investing in Stocks
    • Investing in Real Estate
    • Investing in Business
    • Generational Wealth (Bonus Module)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Downloadable Audio Files for Each Lesson
  • 30+ Transformational worksheets and exercise
  • Access to the Wealth Track Circle (a digital personal finance community)
  • Access to Live bonus Q&A’s

Satisfaction Guarantee

I know the material in this course works, and works well… but I also know you cannot know that for sure until you are inside the course. That is why you can join now, watch the videos, try out the exercises, and go through the process for 30 days… and if after that you are unsatisfied for any reason just email us for a full refund.


How do I know this course will work for me?

This course is based on decades of experience, seeing what works and does not work financially, and is backed by biblical principles. While I cannot guarantee that this course will 100% work for every single person who takes it, I am confident that if you put in the work and take the knowledge in this course to heart, you will have everything you need to transform your finances and create a financial legacy.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes if you are unhappy with the course for any reason, just email us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund

How long will this course take to complete?

I did not design this course to be something you take once and never come back to. I created it as a resource you can come back to over and over again as you face new obstacles and challenges in your financial life.

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